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From: David Perdew
Date: Monday 05-09-2011

How would you like to have 7 of the top internet marketing coaches at your disposal to ask your burning questions about your business and how to be successful. Questions such as:

  • Why strategy is the MOST important element to your success as an online marketer
  • How to evaluate every technique, tip and tool to ensure you remain focused on your goal
  • Why you will save thousands of dollars if you evaluate every "opportunity" from your strategy
  • How to create a base income that covers your monthly expenses
  • How to create affiliate offers that return cash to your accounts for years
  • How to give up short-term return for long-term security
  • When to experiment with hot markets and when to leave them alone
  • The number one way to ensure your pages are at the top of the search engines
  • Why you MUST have a blog at the center of you business
  • How you can feed your blog actionable and valuable content in less than an hour per day
  • How to quickly position yourself as an expert in your niche
  • The required plugins to help you be more productive and rank higher in the search engines
  • How to extract double or triple sales from your current traffic
  • Why traffic is not your problem and how to tackle the real issue
  • Why testing gets you the highest ROI of any technique
  • Why focusing on conversions is much more important than focusing on traffic
  • How to test for the fastest and largest improvements in your returns
  • Why a sustainable hands-free business model is the ONLY business model that works
  • How to build sales processes that create truly set it and forget it income
  • How to create and focus on your auto-pilot passive income goals
  • Why execution for sustainable income is so simple
  • How to create dozens of paths to sales with a single piece of content
  • How to dominate your niche by flooding it with your "presence"
  • How to create videos, audios, tweets, reports and articles from other people's content
  • How to create repeatable systems that can be handed off to support technicians
  • Why a simple system is the best insurance protector for business continuity

In less than 10 hours of video and audio, these instructors will focus on the core business building values that each and every successful online marketer MUST incorporate into their daily activities.

This is not theory, but the actual processes that these marketers use to build businesses that are creating EXACTLY the incredible lifestyles they live. They pull the curtain WAY back to reveal their best secrets for you.

And if you attend live, you will receive extra bonuses from the instructors or the NAMS crew more than likely. Ask questions during the webinars if it hasn't already been recorded! These guys go as long as there are questions!

That's why we're calling this the Niche Affiliate Marketing System Deep Dive Series.
Who wouldn't want a piece of that?

Of course, with this quality instruction and instructors, I could charge hundreds of dollars. And I'm going to, but right now you can get VIP access to these webinars for free. Why? We're still recording them. And you can be a participant in the process.

These coaches are low-key, down-to-earth, no-hype, wealthy
and consistent producers with years of experience
who care more about helping you and
building lasting relationships!

Personal coaching engagement from these people is very expensive. And there's a good reason for that. Each is a respected expert in their field and a highly sought after speaker. But even more importantly, they practice what they preach.

These are not one-hit wonder marketers who came online a few weeks ago, but people who truly have ridden the waves of change that has swept over the internet since the earliest days of the wild west!

And they not only survived, they succeeded in a big way. For example...

As a newbie online (or even an experienced marketer going to the next level), what's the first thing you should do? Are you focused on accomplishing your goal? Do you have a strategy?

Mark Hendricks helps you understand the importance of that...

Mark Hendricks - has been online creating products and sales letters that generate great results since the early 90s. He's sold millions of dollars worth of products and services. And he does it with clarity and purpose. His ability to focus on the desired result is second to none.
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How do you fight the constant battle to build a base income that secures your current lifestyle while preparing you for the future without doing more work?

Lynn Terry gives a complete battle plan to create base income...

Lynn Terry - is a single mom who 15 years ago found herself with two children, a devastating divorce, no job and an urgent need to build a profitable business fast. And from the beginning, she's embodied the mantra of "From Start to Profit". She never moves to another niche before it is highly profitable and self-sustaining. Even in a bad economy, Lynn base income is on the rise because she focused on building profit in from the start. Today, she's one of the most respected super affiliate marketers online.
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How important is it to build a blog at the center of your online business? And what's the best way to proceed? If your blog isn't driving your business, do you know what simple changes to make?

Denise Wakeman guides you through the process...

Denise Wakeman - is the queen of business blogging information. One of the most respected authorities on generating online visibility and profit from your blog, she writes for multiple large online magazines as the blogging and social media expert.
Available Now!

Do you think more traffic will solve your online business issues? What if you could double, triple or quadruple your conversions? Would you still have a traffic problem?

Terry Dean will increase your conversions with simple tests...

Terry Dean - is one of the first 30-year old internet millionaires to retire. But to quote my friend Alan Bechtold, "What is retirement? Doing what you want and getting a check in the mail? I'm already retired..." Terry returned after a year of travel with his wife because he loves coaching others how to do what he's done. He doesn't have to work. He has brought a focus to getting more sales from the same lists by testing every aspect of conversions. No one talks about this critical topic but Terry.

Would you like to build a sustainable business that works while you play? How would you like to create hands-free streams of income that keep producing for you on a regular basis?

Kathleen Gage demonstrates ways to create hands-free income...

Kathleen Gage - works with spiritually minded folks to build better businesses that contribute positively to the world. She helps people focus on hands free sales automation and product creation that brings in cash while you sleep (truly) so that when you need time off for family or friends, you can walk away and the cash keeps coming. Nice, huh!

Even if you love writing or creating content, wouldn't you like to know how to repurpose a single piece of content to use in dozens of ways?

Jeff Herring knows more about content creation than anyone...

Jeff Herring - if Denise is the queen of blogging, Jeff is the king of content repurposing. Long known as the article marketing guy, Jeff has demonstrated how to rewrite, repurpose, rebuild and rewire the Internet to get as much punch as possible from the least amount of effort. He shows how to be everyone at once.

Do you have a niche affiliate marketing system? Do you know what a system is? Can you put one in place today?

David Perdew walks you through a system to get more with less...

David Perdew - I'm a systems guy. Having a system is so important to improving your productivity and your desired results. But systems are NOT just technological. There are creative, visioning, technological, logical, and marketing systems. Once you understand them, you can't live without them. That's why I created the Niche Affiliate Marketing System, to bring a system to the entire process no matter what the experience level of the marketer is.

All of these instructors practice the kind of teaching that comes from real-world, trial by fire and a desire to succeed. But the best thing about this group is their willingness to share and give all they can to students. They all believe in giving back.
You, my friend, are the beneficiary of that...

And by the way, did I mention this webinar series is free?

Here's my offer to YOU...

These instructors suggest I could sell this information series for $297. I know they're right! But with their protests, I've decided to let you have this for...

With each webinar session, you'll receive:

  • Video recording as an mp4 (download standard)
  • Audio of the recording as an mp3 (download standard)
  • PDF of the presentation
  • And the transcript of the presentation

That's right, free. No tricks, no catch, no bait and switch. You'll receive all 7 webinars on completion. You'll also receive an invite to any of the live webinars in this series that are yet to be recorded!
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David Perdew
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